New Dinova Restaurants: September 1, 2018.

Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of September 1:

191 Knickerbocker PS


191 Knickerbocker in Brooklyn, New York



Babalu Tapas & Tacos PS


8 Additional Locations of Babalu Tapas & Tacos  



Bohemian House PS


Bohemian House in Chicago, Illinois



The Brockway Public House PS


Brockway Public House in Carmel, Indiana



Cabo PS


Cabo A Taste of Mexico in Rockville Centre, New York



Cibo e Beve PS


Cibo e Beve in Atlanta, Georgia



CRU Food and WIne Bar.jpg PS


12 Locations of CRÚ Food and Wine Bar


Cyclone Anaya's.jpg Ps



Six Locations of Cyclone Anaya’s


Dos Coyotes PS


Eight Location of Dos Coyotes Border Café


Enzo's Italian Fine Foods.jpg PS



Enzo’s Italian Fine Foods  in Stamford, Conneticut



Fields Good Chicken.jpg PS


Four Locations of Fields Good Chicken



Flyrite Chicken Sandwhich.jpg PS


Two Locations of Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches




Galaxy Tacos PS


Galaxy Tacos in La Jolla, California


Kuroshio Sushi.jpg PS



Kuroshio Midtown Sushi & Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia



Make Sandwhich.jpg PS


Make Sandwich in New York, New York




Melt Shop PS


Nine Locations of Melt Shop




Parrky's Smokehouse.jpg PS


Parky’s Smokehouse in  Lebanon, Indiana



Princi Italia.jpg Ps


Two Locations of  Princi Italia




Smoke E Yard.jpg PSTwo Locations Smokeyard BBQ and Chopshop



Sultana.jpg PS

Sultana in Menlo Park, California




TGI Fridays


74 Additional Locations TGI Friday’s



The Chocolate Sanctuary PS


The Chocolate Sanctuary in Gurnee, Illinois



The Flat Iron Grill.jpg PS


The Flat Iron Grill in Issaquah, Washington



The Iron Duck Public HousePS


The Iron Duck Public House in North Bend, Washington



The Little Beet PS


Eight Locations for The Little Beet



The Little Beet Table PS


Two Locations for The Little Beet Table


Wrecking Bar Brewhub PS



Wrecking Bar Brewpub in Atlanta, Georgia

New Dinova Restaurants: August 15, 2018.

Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of August 15:

Arami PS


Arami in Chicago, Illinois


Bowties PS



Bowties 2 Blue Jeans Catering  in Pflugerville, Texas 


Cafe Izmus PS


Two Locations of Café Izmir 


Cojo Catering.jpg PS



Cojo Catering in Round Rock, Texas


Entente.jpg PS


Entente in Chicago, Illinois


 Farm Burger.png PS


17 Locations of Farm Burger



Firefly Tapas PS


Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada 



Flagship Cruise.jpg PS


Flagship Cruises & Events in San Diego, California


Gregorio's Catering PS



Gregorio’s Catering in Austin, Texas


Heineken Pub 97.jpg PS


Heineken Pub 97 in Chicago, Illinois



Keegan's Irish Pub PS


Keegan’s Irish Pub in Roswell, Georgia


Millo's Sandwhiches PS


25 Locations of Milio’s Sandwiches



Pacifica Del Mar PS


Pacifica Del Mar in Del Mar, California


Potbelly.png PS



Two Locations of Potbelly Sandwiches


Ross+&+Hall.jpg PS


Ross & Hall Kitchen + Beer Garten in Dallas, Texas


Six Feet Under.png PS



Six Feet Under Pub & Fish in Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia


Souplantation.png PS


36 Locations of Souplantation


Sweet Tomatoes PS



61 locations of Sweet Tomatoes


















New Dinova Restaurants: August 1, 2018.

Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of August 1:

Boqueria.jpg PS


Six Locations of Boqueria



Chez Zee Bistro PS


Chez-Zee American Bistro in Austin, Texas 



Davantie noteca.jpg PS


Two Locations of Davanti Enoteca



Dinosaur BBQ.jpg PS


Seven Locations of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que






Disotto in Highwood, Illinois



El Naranjo


El Naranjo in Austin, Texas




famous Dave's BBQ PS

Six Locations of Famous Dave’s BBQ




Francesca Retstaurants.jpg PS


18 Locations of Francesca’s Restaurants



Harvest House.jpg PS


Harvest House in Wilmington, Delaware



Hofbrauhaus PS


Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada



Just salad.jpg PS


28 Locations of Just Salad



Lokanta PS


Two Locations of Lokanta



marcella's Restaurant.jpg PS


Marcella’s Ristorante, Pizzeria and Wine Bar in Denver, Colorado



Master ps



Master Pizza in Pharma, Ohio



Mitchell's Ocean PS


Mitchell’s Ocean Club in Columbus, Ohio



Poke Poke PS


Two Locations of Poke-Poke



Sakura.png PS




Three Locations of Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi



Snooze PS


26 Locations of Snooze: an AM Eatery



Tap 42 PS


Additional Location for Tap 42 Kitchen & Bar



Tara Thai.jpg PS


Five Locations for Tara Thai



Terrazas.jpg PS


Terrazas at Hyde in Hollywood, Florida




TGI Fridays



Nine Additional Locations for   TGIFriday’s







Who is today’s business diner? Our new study is chock-full of great insights

What do business diners look like?

The truth is, it’s hard to say. With Millennials soon to make up  the majority of the workforce and rapid shifts in corporate culture, a business diner could be the 25-year-old in a hoodie grabbing a bite at the airport, or a suited-up professional wining and dining clients at a steakhouse.

While we’ve been able to pinpoint common misconceptions about the business diner, we wanted to take it a step further. Business dining is a $77 billion business in the U.S. making it the third largest T&E category, but little formal research has been done to understand the habits and preferences of business diners — until now.

To help participating companies make the most of Dinova, we partnered with Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) to conduct a detailed, first-of-its-kind survey of corporate card-holding professionals who travel for work. The result? Surprising insights into business travelers dining habits, technology use, and attitudes toward company expense policies.

As we dug into the research, we found some interesting facts that we weren’t expecting:


Generational differences in business dining

  • The longer the career, the larger the tab. Baby Boomers tend to look for upscale dining choices when they travel (79%), as opposed to most Millennials (51%) who opt for fast food.


  • Gen Xers are most likely to be part of a pack. About a third of Gen Xers said they typically had lunch or dinner with coworkers while on business. Millennials seem to prefer solo, on-the-go dining.
  • Millennials are less comfortable expensing extras. The majority (2 out of 3) said they hesitated to expense “extras” like coffee and snacks. That number was only 1 of 3 for Boomers, and 1 of 2 for Gen Xers.


How business diners use food & restaurant technology


  • Business diners have embraced mobile apps. The majority (63%) of diners we surveyed had dining-related apps on their mobile phones.
  • Yelp is the most popular app among business diners. 53% of business diners said they used the Yelp app. Others in the top 5 were TripAdvisor (50%), GrubHub (36%), OpenTable (34%), and Uber Eats (34%).
  • Different generations use dining technology differently. Millennials are more prone to use delivery apps (45% used Uber Eats), while Boomers are more likely to use review-oriented apps like Yelp (74%).


Business diners want to eat like a local, but want ‘tried and true’


  • Most diners seek out local flavors. 77% of business travelers said they preferred to “eat like a local,” and half (49%) researched foods that were unique to their destination.
  • Brand recognition is still important. 59% of business travelers find comfort in having “trusted brands” as available options when they travel.



Many companies offer lenient dining policies, and reward programs are catching on


  • Per diems aren’t required. One in three (34%) of respondents said their company enforced a per diem. More common is encouragement to use guidelines instead (41%).


    • It’s not always cut and dry. Nearly a quarter of respondents (22%) said they have no formal dining policy at all.
    • Careful with the money. Even with this in mind, diners aren’t always comfortable asking for reimbursement on all items. 46% of respondents said they were concerned about appearing irresponsible for expensing things outside of policy.


  • Corporate dining policies are flexible, and sometimes non-existent. Only 1 in 3 professionals surveyed said their company enforces a per diem. Another 22% said their company had no formal dining policy at all.



For a more in-depth look at the study’s results, download the whitepaper here.


What did you find most surprising about the research? How will you use the findings to drive your business?


New Dinova Restaurants: July 15, 2018.

Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of July 15:


Akbar Restaurant 2.jpg PS


Akbar Restaurant in Edison, New Jersey

Arooga's Grille House & Sports Bar



Additional Location for Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar




Bar BiCi Italian Street Food in South Bend, Indiana

Flix Brehouse.png pS




Flix Brewhouse in Frisco, Texas and Madison, Wisconsin



Hacienda14 Locations for Hacienda Mexican Restaurants 

Holler & Dash.jpg PS




Seven Locations for Holler & Dash




Five Locations for La Senorita Mexican Restaurant

Portofino.jpg PS




Portofino in Atlanta, GA

Which Wich PS



12 Additional Locations for Which Wich Superior Sandwiches






































Best of San Diego

Let’s face it business travel can be tedious. Flight delays, mediocre dinners in the hotel lobby, stressful meetings and of course, more flying. So, the next time you’re packing your bags be sure to throw that Hawaiian shirt in with your business khakis and build some exploration time into your agenda, especially in the summer when it seems like everyone else on your flight is on holiday!

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp sign over moving traffic
Famous Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, CA.

This August business people from all over the world will descend on San Diego for the Global Business Travel Association annual conference.  I admit San Diego is not a tough assignment, but if you tread a straight path between your hotel and the convention center you risk missing the So Cal experience. It’s not difficult to find fun local activities, especially with the convention center sitting on the waterfront downtown. So, allow me to offer a few ideas for your next business trip in America’s Finest City.

  • Downtown San Diego is home to Petco Park, the home of the San Diego Padres. If you’re a baseball fan then this state of the art baseball experience is sure to impress. Catch a fly ball, or enjoy the game with a cold one and take in the atmosphere.
  • If you’re looking to experience a little Puerto Nuevo style seafood without actually crossing into Mexico, Rockin’ Baja Lobster has a location right downtown in the Gaslamp Quarter. Venturing just north of downtown there is another Rockin’ Baja in Old Town. A trip to Old Town will transport you back in time as it is the oldest settled area in San Diego. Here you’ll discover historic buildings dating back to 1820.
Rockin' Baja Lobster
Tacos from Rockin’ Baja Lobster.
  • Downtown is also home to one of the largest “Little Italy” neighborhoods in the country and is a thriving pedestrian market place with restaurants, shops, wineries and more. If you set out to explore this historic area, make time to grab a bite at Indigo Grill. With a fire pit patio, it’s the perfect place to enjoy “Modern Latin Cuisine.”
  • Another downtown favorite for “social dining” is Searsucker. There are plenty of small plates to share, grilled octopus…duck wings…mushroom crepes…yes, please!  If you’re in the mood for something heartier, the prime dry aged New York strip with Japanese sweet potato and shishito chimichurri will not disappoint.
Steak dish from Searsucker.
  • Balboa Park is in close proximity to downtown and this 1,200-acre urban oasis offers something for everyone. Museums, gardens, trails, theatre, the world-famous San Diego Zoo and of course, food! The award-winning Prado at Balboa Park in the House of Hospitality offers both indoor and outdoor dining.  A beautiful setting to taste the local San Diego brew with your lunch or dinner.
  • If you crave waterfront dining, Coronado Island is a quick 15-minute boat ride across the bay from the convention center ferry stop. Once you arrive at the Coronado Ferry Landing, head to Il Fornaio and sample some of its award winning Italian cuisine. Il Fornaio’s dining room and patio provide a glorious front and center view of the beautiful San Diego skyline.
Il Fornaio
Pasta dish from Il Fornaio.
  • Another perfect vantage point for dining with a view is Coasterra, at the tip of Harbor Island just a short drive from the convention center. You will enjoy panoramic views of the harbor and city while feasting on modern Mexican cuisine.
  • Lastly if you can sneak away long enough to escape to La Jolla, a beautiful village offering ample dining options. Whisknladle is considered a “neighborhood gem” where inspired dishes featuring local ingredients change frequently to capture the freshest flavors of the season.  According to Edible San Diego, “the modern-rustic, indoor-outdoor dining room screams La Jolla chic.”
    • Across the way sister restaurant Catania features fresh, authentic, handcrafted Italian fare. Earning top accolades since opening, Catania’s perch on the top floor of the La Plaza Center offers stunning views of La Jolla and the Pacific beyond.
    • A La Jolla classic George’s at the Cove hosts three venues in one building. You can savor “California Modern” cuisine on the first level; on “Level2” you’ll be treated to an elevated cocktail experience featuring classic and innovative modern creations; and one level up is George’s Ocean Terrace, overlooking the Pacific, which Travel and Leisure named “one of the world’s hottest rooftop restaurants.”
Cocktails from George’s at the Cove.

I hope I’ve lured you away from ordering room service and provided ample opportunity to put on that Hawaiian shirt and own your San Diego experience!

Written by Janice McEachen.

New Dinova Restaurants: July 1, 2018.

Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of July 1:

Brasserie Beck PS


Brasserie Beck in Washington, District of Columbia



Doc B's Fresh Kitchen PS


Two Additional Locations for Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen 

famous Dave's BBQ PS



Nine Locations of Famous Dave’s BBQ



Lock Kitchen 72 & Bar PS


Lock 72 Kitchen & Bar in Potomac, Maryland


Marcel's PS


Marcel’s in Washington, District of Columbia



MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company PS


Additional Location for MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company



Mussel Bar & Grille PS


Two Locations for Mussel Bar & Grille



Musume PS


Musume in Dallas, Texas

 Siren by RW PS


Siren by RW in Washington, District of Columbia



The Local Pizzaiolo PS


Two Locations for The Local Pizzaiola




Three Dollar Cafe PS


Four Locations for Three Dollar Cafe




Tommy Joe's Bar & Grill. PS


Tommy Joe’s Bar & Grill in Bethesda, Maryland


Villain & Siant PS


Villain & Saint in Bethesda, Maryland



Which Wich PS


6 Additional Locations in Which Wich Superior Sandwiches


Wildwood Kitchen PS


Wildwood Kitchen in Bethesda, Maryland





































New Dinova Restaurants: June 15, 2018.


Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of June 15:

600 Kitchen & Bar. PS 2


600 Kitchen & Bar in Kalamazoo, Michigan



Acapulco Mexican Restaurant y Cantina


Eight Locations for Acapulco 


 Amali PS


Amali Located in New York, New York


Babalu Tapas & Tacos PS


Babalu Tapas & Tacos in Atlanta, Georgia



Benis Cubano. PS


Two Locations for Beni’s Cubano



Big Fish Grill .jpg PS


Big Fish in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania


Big Fish River Front PS


Big Fish on the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware




Central Tap House PS


Central City Tap House in Kalamazoo, Michigan



Centre Street Tap PS


Centre Street Tap House in Portage, Michigan




Chevys tex Mex PS


26 Locations for Chevys Fresh Mex



Cove Westlake Bistro PS


Cove Lakeside Bistro in Portage, Michigan



 Dick's Last Resort PS

Seven Additional Locations for Dick’s Last Resort



Eclectic Bistro & Bar PS


 Eclectic Bistro & Bar in Atlanta, Georgia




El Torito PS


39 Locations in El Torito 



El Torito Grill PS


Two Locations of El Torito Grill




Fieldstone's Grill PS


Fieldstone Grill in Portage, Michigan


Genki Noodles & Sushi PS


Two Locations of Genki Noodles & Sushi



Idler Riverboat & Dockside PS


Idler Riverboat & Dockside in South Haven, Michigan


Acapulco Mexican Restaurant y Cantina


Las Brisas in Laguna Beach, California



Lou Malnati's PS


53 Locations of Lou Malnati’s



Martell's PS


Martell’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan




McCray's Tavern PS


Three Locations of McCray’s Taverns




Mikimotos Asian Grill and Sushi Bar Ps


Mikimotos Asian Grill & Sushi Bar in Wilmington, Delaware



Sinigual PS


Sinigual in New York City, New York


Sprinkle Road Tap House PS


Sprinkle Road Tap House in Kalamazoo, Michigan



Stevens' PS


Stevens’ in Gurnee, Illinois




TGI Friday's PS


25 Additional Locations of TGI Friday’s



The Wine Loft PS


The Wine Loft in Kalamazoo, Michigan



Tin Lizzy'z Cantina PS


14 Locations of Tin Lizzy’s Cantina



Tony Roma's PS


Two Additional Locations of Tony Roma’s


Trolly Square PS


Trolley Square Oyster House in Wilmington, Delaware




Washington Street Ale House PS


Washington Street Ale House in Wilmington, Delaware



Who Song & Larry Restaurant & Cantina PS


Who Song & Larry’s Restaurant & Cantina in Vancouver, Washington



Zaytinya's PS


Zaytinya in Frisco, Texas



Ziziki_s Restaurant PS


Additional Location of Ziziki’s Restaurant



New Dinova Restaurants: June 1, 2018.

Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of June 1:

Arooga_s Grille House & Sports Bar


Additional Location for Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar




Big Mama_s & Papa_s Pizzeria


Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria in Burbank, California




Delia_s Mediterranean Grill & Brick Oven Pizza


Two Locations for Delia’s Mediterranean Grill & Brick Oven Pizza






Diamond of Hamilton



Diamond’s of Hamilton in Hamilton, New Jersey



Diamond_s of Pennington


Diamond’s of Pennington in Pennington, New Jersey




Doc B_s Fresh Kitchen


Additional Location for Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen




East Hampton Sandwich Co


Additional Location for East Hampton Sandwich Co.




El Rincon Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar


El Rincon Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar in Carrollton, Texas




Greek Islands Cuisine


Greek Islands Cuisine  in Irvine, California



Hale & Hearty Soups



25 Locations for Hale & Hearty Soups





il Villaggio



Il Villaggio in Carlstadt, New Jersey






Inakaya in New York, NY



Segovia Meson



Segovia Meson in Carlstadt, New Jersey



Sergovia Restaurant



Segovia Restaurant in Moonachie, New Jersey






Segovia Steakhouse & Seafood


Segovia Steakhouse & Seafood in Little Ferry, New Jersey




Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House


Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House in Atlanta, GA







Skorpios in Miami,  Florida





Sports Grill



Four Locations for Sports Grill 





The Halal Guys



Five Locations for The Halal Guys




Zen Foods



ZEN Foods in Sun Valley, California





Prep Before Your Vacation for a Stress-Free Comeback

Beach bum. Outdoor adventurer. Culture queen. Festival fanatic. Culinary tourist. Whatever your vacation persona may be, your goal is most likely the same as everyone else’s: to leave your job behind and lose yourself in another world for a few blissful days with amazing food, friends and family.

Ideally, you’ll come back refreshed to a job where you are recognized for your brilliance by coworkers who are eagerly awaiting your return – not because things are running off the rails, but because you’re da bomb. This is totally possible. You just have to think (in the vocabulary of those employed by The Walt Disney Company) like a ‘cast member’ and focus on two things: the task at hand and the follow up to that task.

Project manager using Gantt chart, tasks planning and scheduling, computer

If you’re not familiar, Disney incorporates the “three o’clock parade” idea into its customer service training. It’s predicated on the idea that cast members will no doubt be asked every day “What time is the three o’clock parade?”

Rather than simply feeding guests the obvious answer, cast members are trained to think beyond the basic information and anticipate follow-up questions, enabling them to provide a richer response, layered with insider details that enhance the guest experience.  When asked, cast members confirm the three o’clock start time, but then  add on “extras” — sharing the best time to line up for the parade, recommending a prime spot for viewing the entertainment, and maybe some other tidbit, like which dining venues can get them in and out in time for the start of the parade.

By taking this three o’clock parade approach into the corporate setting, you can prep three critical entities for your vacation, and you’ll not only increase your chances of truly leaving your office cares behind and unplugging for awhile, but you’ll also be setting yourself up for a less stressful return to business.

Three O’Clock Parade Entity 1: Your Boss

As soon as you have your vacation dates approved, start looking ahead at your major tasks or projects for that timeframe. Note all of the details – deadlines, deliverables, resources, dependencies, collaborators, etc. – in a document or spreadsheet to help you flesh out the full body of work you need to account for. Then working backward from the last day or two at the office before your vacation, lay out your plan for what you can realistically accomplish before you leave, what can be rescheduled for after your return, and what you’ll need to have coverage for while you’re gone.

Business investors discussing business matters sitting at table in office.

If you’re working on any time-sensitive projects, be sure to email a copy of your plan to your boss. Or better yet, take the initiative to schedule a coffee or breakfast meeting with them to sit down and go over your plan. Be prepared to address their top concern – namely, how will your absence impact this project – but then also be prepared with the answers to whatever next two questions naturally follow from that concern.

Three O’Clock Parade Entity 2: Your Back-up

The next person you need to prep is your back-up. Your back-up has his own job that he’s not going to just drop while you’re off having fun, so be clear about what you really need him to do. This can be done over a nice business lunch. Lay out all of the details on important projects, and provide access to the resources he’ll need in order to be prepared to act in your stead. Share that insider-level of information you’re keeping in your head so you’re not leaving him in the lurch.  Your back-up will appreciate it, and have everything he needs to respond to requests while you’re away.

Three O’Clock Parade Entity 3: Yourself

When you’re making sure you’ve taken care of what everyone else needs from you before you leave, don’t forget about what you can do to help yourself. Start by blocking off the last two hours the last day and the first two hours when you return for yourself. With those timeslots blocked, you’ve made time to deal with out of office reminders for email and voicemail, and can take care of any last-minute tasks that pop up.

Businesswoman typing corporate e-mail using laptop at office des

Set clear expectations about whether or not you’ll be reachable while you’re away, and, if you are reachable, by cell phone or email only? Under what circumstances? You might also leave a note on white board with your vacation dates, and send a team email or leave a printout of resources on your desk that you anticipate might curb those emergency “what’s our social media login” types of interruptions.

Create a new document on your computer, and dump all of your work worries, everything that’s on your mind, into it. Then shut it and leave it behind, knowing it’ll all be there when you get back.

And your last task: schedule a team lunch or happy hour for when you return so you can catch up, share stories, and recognize individuals for their work while you were gone.