New Dinova Restaurants: August 15, 2018.

Twice a month at Dinova, we take a moment to celebrate all of the restaurants across the US who have joined our marketplace. If any of these new restaurants fulfill your taste buds, plan your next business dining experience there through our Dinova search.  Here are the new members to the Dinova team as of August 15:

Arami PS


Arami in Chicago, Illinois


Bowties PS



Bowties 2 Blue Jeans Catering  in Pflugerville, Texas 


Cafe Izmus PS


Two Locations of Café Izmir 


Cojo Catering.jpg PS



Cojo Catering in Round Rock, Texas


Entente.jpg PS


Entente in Chicago, Illinois


 Farm Burger.png PS


17 Locations of Farm Burger



Firefly Tapas PS


Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada 



Flagship Cruise.jpg PS


Flagship Cruises & Events in San Diego, California


Gregorio's Catering PS



Gregorio’s Catering in Austin, Texas


Heineken Pub 97.jpg PS


Heineken Pub 97 in Chicago, Illinois



Keegan's Irish Pub PS


Keegan’s Irish Pub in Roswell, Georgia


Millo's Sandwhiches PS


25 Locations of Milio’s Sandwiches



Pacifica Del Mar PS


Pacifica Del Mar in Del Mar, California


Potbelly.png PS



Two Locations of Potbelly Sandwiches


Ross+&+Hall.jpg PS


Ross & Hall Kitchen + Beer Garten in Dallas, Texas


Six Feet Under.png PS



Six Feet Under Pub & Fish in Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia


Souplantation.png PS


36 Locations of Souplantation


Sweet Tomatoes PS



61 locations of Sweet Tomatoes


















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